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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Team Fox Update: Bret Completes a Triathlon

A couple of months ago, I wrote about my friend Bret Parker, who was training for his first open water swim.  While I was lolling around like a sloth this morning, drinking coffee and doing the New York Times Crossword, Bret (and his lovely wife Katharine) completed the Mighty North Fork Triathlon.  Katharine came in 8th overall for women in her age group.  

Katharine and Bret, and a mystery photo-bomber

Congrats to both of them.  Bret remarked, "Parts were harder than I expected, others easier. But I did it and never in my life imagined I could. Another upside to Parkinson's Disease."

Bret and Coach Lyon Marcus

Bret and Lyon in the home stretch

Bret is training for the Mighty Hamptons Triathlon in September. He is already well on his way to reaching his goal of raising $50,000 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  Click here to support his efforts and donate to Team Fox.

Rock on, Bret!!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Deep Water Running at the 92nd Street Y

Metro Mermaid devotees -- apologies for the brief hiatus from the blog.  Having made peace with my right knee, my left knee got jealous and wanted in on the action.  An MRI revealed that I did -- in fact -- tear my left meniscus.  Not a fun experience but I learned a valuable lesson -- don't overdo it when you have a sports injury.  The other valuable lesson was that it illustrated how much the water exercise helps (physically and mentally).  I had to take a break from my classes for a couple of weeks, and my knees became a bit stiff and achy (and the Mermaid became uncharacteristically grumpy).  After a little recovery time (and thankfully no surgery), I am back in the pool and back in action -- and my knees and I are feeling happier, just in time for my upcoming birthday.  It's all about the water exercise.

Deep Water Running at the 92nd Street Y

To celebrate the return of the blog, I have great news.  For those of you on the Upper East Side, my wonderful Deep Water Running teacher Robert Valentin is teaching at the 92nd Street Y this summer.  A six-week session started on July 9 (I only just found out or I would have let you know earlier).  Although it is too late to sign up for the series, you can drop in.  Classes are offered at the following times:

Monday 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Tuesday 6-7 p.m.
Wednesday 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Robert was recently featured in an article in the Examiner about the benefits of Deep Water Running.  I have been taking Robert's classes since the beginning of last year, and reviewed them here.  They have been a godsend for my knees.  Seriously.  The Y has a gorgeous large swimming pool and spacious/immaculate locker facilities.  I am going to try Robert's class at the Y, both for the class and to check out the latest towel art creations in the locker room.

The classes at the 92nd Street Y run through mid-August.  Hopefully they will continue to offer them in the fall.  Drop-in classes are $20 for Y Fitness Center members and $30 for non-members.  For more information, see the Y website.  

Some new open water adventures are still in the works.